Anyone can enter, Terms & Conditions apply.

How To Enter

To enter the HackerStash tournament you simply sign up for an account and publish your project free of charge.

Tournament Start & Duration

Each tournament lasts exactly 1 month, starting at 00:00AM (GMT) on the first day of the month.

The tournaments continue on a rolling basis - when one tournament ends the next begins. You're automatically enrolled if your project has an active HackerStash subscription.

You'll receive a notification at the end of each tournament informing you of your final rank/position and your prize (where applicable).

Important: Project scores are wiped at the end of each month, so no project/team gains an advantage due to their prior months' performance.

How To Win 💸

There are prizes for the most popular projects each month, and you can see the available prizes in the ‘Prize Bundle’ column of the leaderboard.

You climb the leaderboard by earning points for your project, the top 3 projects are awarded prizes.

How To Earn Points

The best way to succeed in the tournament is to be actively participating in the community, sharing knowledge, wins, losses etc. Ultimately, prizes go to those people you and the rest of the community think are the week's most valuable players.

Here are the ways you can earn points:

Points From Your Competitors

  • Your project receives a direct upvote (10 points per vote)
  • One of you or your team's posts receive an upvote (5 points per vote)
  • One of you or your team's comments receives an upvote (1 point per vote)

Points From Weekly Challenges

To help foster participation, and encourage you to get the most out of the community, we've created a series of weekly challenges that earn you bonus points towards your tournaments score for the month.

How To Lose 😬

Not every project wins a prize each month. Sometimes that could be because it’s simply a highly competitive month, but poor quality progress or participation can play a factor too.

If you're not showing good progress, or making useful, informative or interesting contributions to the community, there's a chance you won't earn as many points from your fellow competitors.

Also, downvotes are a thing! - if you post spam, or content with a high noise to signal ratio, your fellow competitors may penalise you! Be kind and share some advice and you'll likely do just fine 🥰


Project disqualifications are extremely rare, but it can happen. The most likely reason you'll face disqualification is if your project or team have undertaken any of the following activities:

  • You've persistently asked your fellow competitors to vote for you.
  • You've indiscriminately and persistently downvoted competing projects or content.
  • You're attempting to run duplicate projects to manipulate project scores.
  • You've violated our Terms Of Service.

Note: We reserve the right to disqualify competitors for reasons outside of the above scope. We will always attempt to adjudicate disputes fairly and will opt for issues warnings, before bans, in most instances.

Receiving Your Prize

At the end of the tournament you will receive an email confirm your prize, with instruction about how to claim and/or book your prize.