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CashApp + GumRoad = HoneyCoin 💛

Watch this 1 min video first, that explains the mission what we do and who we are in a much better way than boring ol' text haha.

A payments platform that lets creators & freelancers send & receive both FIAT (USD, GBP, KES...) & Crypto (BTC, LTC, ETH...) to, from, across, and outside of Africa. There currently isn't a way for creators or freelancers to accept/send payments and sell their digital products/services all-in-one. HC is tackling this pain point and filling the continually growing gap in the market of the Passion Economy. I built HC as a personal tool, being a freelancer I know what it's like having your account frozen or money delayed simply because of the country or continent you live in. I never want myself or anyone else to go through that, and that's why I built this platform.

Started October 2020

Nairobi, Kenya