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2 weeks ago

What's your work from home stack?

Taskable update by Avatar Matthew Johnson in Ask HS

Wondering what tools everyone uses to manage wfh?

My list:

  • Logitech webcam c920 webcam - overall like it and it's definitely got better quality than my Mac's webcam. However, sometimes it struggles to focus.
  • Yeti Blue mic - this was an impulse buy, but I love it. I feel like a radio host when I use it.
  • Cheap ring light - I was tired of looking like I was in a hostage situation, so I got myself a cheap ring light from Amazon and it brightens me up.
  • Dell Ultrasharp Curved 49' monitor - this was a big purchase, and I slightly regret it. It's way too fucking big and immersive. Which would be great if I was gaming I assume, but i don't need to feel like I'm inside a spreadsheet. I would probably go with something smaller next time.
  • Plastic picnic table and shitty plastic chair - we are still moving around a bit so haven't sprung for a desk yet, but as soon as we land somewhere I am going to get an adjustable one so I can pretend like I will actually use it as a standing desk (spoiler alert: I won't)

Edit: I totally lied, it's a 36' Dell monitor... holy shit I couldn't imagine using the 49' one