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What's your favorite tech stack?

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Landing page

I’m super fast in creating new landing pages. I tuned up my tech stack, and I’m able to create a beautiful working landing page in a couple of hours.

For the inspiration, here is what I use:

  • HTML & CSS template based on Cruip
  • Mailchimp for a newsletter
  • Hugo + Netlify CMS for building website and blog
  • Netlify for website hosting


This one is still in the process of shaping up. I’ve learned Laravel earlier this year. Later, I tried NodeJS + React, and now I’m switching back to Laravel + Vue for my MVPs. The reason for this tech stack is the speed of MVP development.

I’m not saying it’s the best code I’ve ever written, but it’s working. That’s what my mindset is right now. Deliver the first version of the product as fast as possible.

I use:

  • Stripe for payments
  • MailerLite for email automation
  • Digital Ocean / Hetzner for cloud hosting
  • Cloudflare for CDN with SSL

What's your favorite tech stack?

Btw, I'm also curious how many of you are full-stack developers?