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11 months ago

What did you learn from your users last week?

QApop update by Avatar Ivan Homola in Ask HS

Sales calls are crucial

It's not like I didn't know before. You hear it and read about it all the time. I just needed to realize it.

I'm not a salesperson, and it's something new for me, but I'm motivated to learn and step out of my comfort zone. Last week, I decided to focus on lead generation and scheduling calls with potential clients.

It seems like it was a great decision. There are many issues you just can't discover while you are exchanging emails or messaging with users.

Thanks to these calls, I learned:

  • they don't understand our pricing (they think it's monthly based)
  • they want to see the demo of our tool (how it looks like)
  • they don't know what to do with the data (too many options)

Quick note: We research Quora's questions based on selected keywords. The output is a report with thousands of questions ranked by our unique formula.

What did you learn from your users last week?