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a year ago

We're planting our first trees! 🌳🌳🌳

Target 2030 update by Avatar Chris Pattison

We'd originally intended to work with land owners to plant trees ourselves, but it proved quite impossible during the pandemic. I've been searching for a partner charity that is already more established and is expecting to plant trees this winter, and finally found one that meets the criteria we'd initially set for the pilot project:

  • The scheme is based in Ireland, and they are planting within the geographic ranges I'd outlined for the pilot project.
  • They will be able to provide some exact locations in October, but it will be in an accessible area, suitably low risk in terms of sea level rise, flooding or wildfires.
  • Just as we’d planned for the pilot project, they are partnering with farmers and land owners. This drives costs down significantly and supports the long term viability of each tree we plant.
  • They work with the Woodland Trust to secure trees at very affordable rates  - which is also exactly what we’d intended for the pilot project.
  • Trees can be planted from between €1-5 each - so we’ll be planting around 2000 😮

All in all it's a great outcome, and given we'd planned to plant around 500 trees, we've all smashed that target 💪