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a year ago

We're leaving our own tournament! 😭

HackerStash update by Avatar Chris Pattison

As you all know, we've been competing in our own trial tournaments during the first few weeks. It helped us to find and fix some of the biggest bugs, get first hand experience of what it's like to be a HackerStash user, and also keep the conversation going as we add a few more trial participants.

It's been hugely helpful for us, but the time has come for us to depart 👋 I'll leave the account live until the end of Monday so that people have time to read this post, then you won't see HackerStash in HackerStash anymore!

There will be a few new joiners next week which should help keep things going over the next few weeks prior to our public launch, and I will create a profile for my charity Target 2030 and participate in the trials that way too.

I'll signpost on my user profile, and that of Target 2030, that I am admin/founder of HackerStash - so don't feel obliged to vote for Target 2030 if you'd rather not haha.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing advice, feedback and feature suggestions so far - please keep them coming. And remember, you can revote for competitor projects during each tournament/week, so make sure you pick a few you like, or that showed great progress, and award them some points!