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a year ago

Target 2030, reporting for duty!

Target 2030 update by Avatar Chris Pattison

Hey Everyone!

Chris from HackerStash here 😊. HackerStash has now officially left the tournament, but I'm here with an account for my climate crisis charity Target 2030.

Honestly, I've really lost momentum with this project since the pandemic, but there's donor money lined up to spend on tree planting initiatives, and plenty of administrative work to do too. So, I'm going to start reporting on my progress in HackerStash to motivate myself to keep things moving, get advice etc!

I understand if you'd like to avoid voting for my project as I'm part of the HackerStash team, but I assure you it's entirely independent and if I win a prize some weeks it will be going towards and extremely worthy cause!

Looking forward to sharing my progress and getting great advice and input from everyone 🥰