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2 weeks ago

Target 2030 End Of Week

Target 2030 update by Avatar Chris Pattison in Product Update

I got everything I'd planned for Target 2030 done:

  • I paid for our first 2200 trees to be planted in Ireland!
  • I decided to roll the newsletter and social media templates for donors (to share how many trees they individually planted) into one email - saved a bit of time but also saves people receiving two emails in quick succession. Those have all been sent out now too 😊

The templates came out pretty nice, with some input from @shylands and @mattb 🙌. In the end I went for this design: 

I'd like to have achieved a bit more, but there's been a lot of HackerStash work this week too! Just a quick reminder to those who don't know: we're going to be adding more structured product update/goal tracking to HackerStash soon. For now, if you feel like letting everyone know how you've done, please share under the Product Update group 😊