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Solution without a problem

Recall update by Avatar Artur Brugeman in Ask HS

I feel like I'm building a solution without a problem, could you please help?

Please answer to this small survey in comments. 'File' refers to any kind of content (video/audio/docs/photos/software/folders/ebooks etc):

1. Do you regularly use Dropbox/Google Drive/ShareIt/ShareMe/Torrents or other 'file sharing' apps or clouds, if so - which ones?

2. Do you worry about privacy when uploading your data to the cloud?

3. How do you transfer files from your phone to PC, small files/big files?

4. How do you exchange files with family members, small/big?

5. How do you send files at work, small/big?

6. How do you share files publicly (on forums, etc)?

7. Does file sharing experience feel excellent overall, if not - where do you have issues?

8. Any issues specific to receiving files? (sending and receiving experiences are often very different)

Thank you very much, I wish you all a great productive week!