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10 months ago

Project NextApp is up and running - preparing for proper January launch

Project Next App update by Avatar Bob Bass in Product Update

It started as a community that I wanted to find, but couldn't.

It evolved to a more practical 'side-project' app with progress tracking

It's up and running, 85% functional - and I've decided that I'm going for a ProductHunt listing next month.

The Vision:

ProjectNext.App aims to be THE go-to platform for side projects. Short-term hackathons are going to be hosted to cater to 3 groups of people:

  1. Developers who want to learn new technologies and track the progress with a community of like-minded developers and find their spark for the next long-term project.
  2. Newer developers who are learning to code and need more structure and resources for success with self-teaching
  3. Companies that want exposure by sponsoring hackathons can provide incentives (Cash, Memberships, Prizes, etc.) to users who want to opt into them.

In the process - you end up building a portfolio of projects and technologies.

As a brand new platform, I'm trying to figure out the best context and most useful features before presenting it to ProductHunt.

I'd love for any developers who are interested in this concept to join at ProjectNext.App and share with me exactly what would make this platform fun or valuable for you. The 'core functionality' is complete, and after a bit more polishing, I think this can be an enjoyable place to network, and grow.

For anyone interested, I recorded a video of the development process. It's rendering at this moment but once it's done, it will be loaded to ProjectNext.App under the ProjectNextApp page on ProjectNext.App

https://projectnext.app/projects Project Next App

This is what the Project NextApp listing on ProjectNext.App looks like:

I have to ask - I was toying around with the name "IdeaSpark" as well. I think the more proper name depends on what the primary demographic tends to be once it has more users. I'd love any input on the name as well.

Happy holidays!