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Okay, so I know WHAT you're building but I'd love to know WHY?

HoneyCoin update by Avatar David Nandwa in General

Hi, David here - building HoneyCoin.

This is my first post and I just wanted to get to know the people currently a part of the HS community. :)

For me personally, as a Remote Software Engineer & Part-Time Freelancer accepting payments were the most stressful part of any project when in fact they should have been the most exciting and fulfilling aspect. This was due to delays of up to 14 days or my account being randomly frozen indefinitely due to 'suspicious activity'. I had enough and decide to solve my own problem. Little did I know a lot of people where I live were/are facing this issue, and I decided instead of building a tool for myself I could create a product to help creators, freelancer, or regular people here in Africa who need a fast & simple way of sending/accepting cash regardless of where they are located.

Anyway, that's my story, what's yours?