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2 weeks ago

New landing page on a new website builder

Recall update by Avatar Artur Brugeman in General

I got a lot of feedback on HS and Pioneer on my landing page for Recall (file server on your phone), which boiled down to to issues:

  1. The LP is ugly :)
  2. My audience is techy early adopters, not 'families'.

So I decided to rebuild it, to bring it up to date with new features (web client), new audience, and a better look.

My previous version was built with a Bootstrap template. I decided to switch back to website builders which I find much simpler for someone like me (non-designer) to create something good looking.

Tried Webflow... waaay to many buttons, felt like I'm using a Photoshop :) After a couple of hours I chose Weblium: simple builder, huge amount of high quality templates, color palettes, and all the features I expected. If you're looking for a good site builder, check it out.

And if you'd like to tell me what's wrong with my new LP, check it out too: https://gt770.weblium.site/ (don't look at the logo and images, those I will replace when a contractor designer draws me the things I need).

Have a nice day, everyone!