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a year ago

New Landing Page After Pivot

NetZero Checkout update by Avatar Oliver Carmont

In the last few weeks I entered Pioneer (Pioneer.app) in the midst of a pivot into a more scalable and less time-intensive startup model.

The original concept was to make a browser extension for tracking your carbon footprint on the cart of any online store you visited. But as time went on, I found it quite hard to monetise and it took vast amounts of time to maintain.

So, the model was to create a new way to "make the internet carbon neutral". So, where do you begin? Well, I decided to start simple. I created a simple checkbox for capital-constrained e-commerce marketplaces (especially in COVID-19!) to allow their customers to add the carbon offset of their purchases onto the total price of their cart.

Today, in just a week, I've completed the first landing page and will be officially accepting and reaching out to new customers!

Check out our new site:


(If this link doesn't work, let us know!)

And if you have any thoughts or kudos, let us hear them!