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3 weeks ago

Need help with SEO?

Recall update by Avatar Artur Brugeman in Ask HS

I'd like to offer the HS community my help with SEO.

If you have questions about SEO, would it work for your project, how to do keyword research, how to use backlink metrics, how to plan content, how to use tools like ahrefs/moz/semrush etc. just drop me a line at brugeman.artur@gmail.com

I have been working as an employee on a suite of SEO tools for the last 7 years, we have our own backlink index of the web, keyword database, and several dozen tools for various SEO tasks. Essentially an SEMRush competitor that failed to expand from Russian market. Plus I have personally built a keyword research tool on the side, and consulted several bloggers with positive long term results.

Not selling you anything. Just trying to add value and share my (underutilized) experience in SEO, in exchange for good connections with fellow founders.

Hope this makes sense.