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a year ago

Moving HQ

Yomi.ai update by Avatar Matthias Sieber

We will be moving our hq soon.

While the closeness to Little Tokyo is hypothetically nice, the cost of operating in a small studio in Los Angeles is only going to be more expensive with diminishing returns.

This means that this weekend, my wife and I will look at a few houses outside the city of LA (but still within LA County). Covid-19 had coalesced all of the different spaces into our already cramped four walls. The move is also an opportunity to separate startup-work from other things; which seems necessary at times.

I'm not looking forward to the administrative changes (updating dba etc.), but I'm pumped about having my own space, where I can have my desk "cluttered" the way I want and have more uninterrupted time to work on Yomi.ai.

How did you pick your hq?