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Managing your project

Readium update by Avatar Miguel Marin Vermelho in Growth

Getting work done is always challenging, it's hard to track tasks and to keep on top of everything, specially when you are trying to do a lot of things.

🤯 Too many choices ...

There are a plethora of tools and methodologies out there e.g. JIRA, Trello, Notion to help manage your tasks/projects. The amount of choices also makes it harder to settle for a given tool.

🤑 Money tend to get involved

Some of the options are free but more professional can be quite expensive at early stages and maybe not worth it.

At Readium we are always trying to find a way to optimize our internal workflows while keeping spending to a minimum.

🌈 Linear saving the day

We have been using https://linear.app/ on the free plan and it's worked very nicely for us. It provides all the standard Kanban features and has great integrations with other tooling (e.g. Github - https://docs.linear.app/GitHub-and-GitLab-fa4b88df484343e4989538f066c729f3).

By organizing features into projects within Linear (similar to the concept of JIRA epics) it's been more manageable to track and document tasks. These tasks work as basic versions of specifications with links to the relevant designs that make it a lot easier to think about what we are building next.

What about you? Do you know or use a methodology that is particularly successful? What specific problems do you face with your current workflow?