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2 weeks ago

List of accelerators & forms: what am I missing?

Taskable update by Avatar Matthew Johnson in Ask HS

Hey everyone - turning the Techstars application into a Google Doc turned out to be pretty helpful (got shouted out by a lot of Techstars folk and even had the Boulder team steal it!)

So I decided to turn it into a bigger content thingy with a list of top accelerators, and their forms. The idea is to help people find good ones and quickly get their application together in a way they can share/get feedback.

So far I have:

  • Techstars
  • YC
  • Launch
  • Pioneer (@pioneer_j do you happen to have the onboarding questions/project description stuff in a google doc somewhere?)
  • 500 SF
  • Founders Factory

Which ones am I missing?

Update: here's the airtable database