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11 months ago

Let's learn about each others projects!

HackerStash update by Avatar Lewis Monteith in General

Hey Hackers!

There are plenty of new faces here now so I thought it would be nice to ask everyone to share what they're working on. If you have time, please make a new post and let everyone know:

  • What you're working on
  • Who are you working with
  • Have you launched?
  • What's your number 1 goal this week?
  • What's blocking you and how can the HackerStash community help?

Just a note for new joiners: we've got some goal tracking and peer review features in the pipeline, but for now we'll keep things conversational - we're a small group so it should work just fine.

One last thing, if anyone would be interested in joining a video call with other HackerStash community members some time, let us know in the comments - we'd probably aim for around 8.30pm CEST.

Have a great week everyone!