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11 months ago

How I grew confidence with content writing

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Hey Stashers™️

I've vastly improved my content game over the last few months. I spent a bit of time reflecting on why, and below is what i came up with. Maybe it's helpful for anyone else trying to improve their content!

  1. Validate content like you validate a startup idea - I talked about this in response to @chris's post the other day about how to write more regularly. The idea is, start with the smallest amount of content you can to see if there's interest. A comment on Hackerstash, a post on Indie Hackers, a tweet. See if you get a good response and if so think about scaling it up into a blog post or video, and sharing it elsewhere.
  2. Write about stuff you care about - this one is sort of obvious, but it's much easier and the end product is better, when you actually care about what you're writing about.
  3. Get feedback before you post - for me it wasn't about someone catching grammar mistakes, it was more about getting a little nudge of encouragement from a friend saying 'it's good'
  4. Worry less - people are busy, they aren't going to care if you post a blog on Twitter or in a forum that isn't the most insightful thing they read. Don't worry about the haters on Hacker News. If you do the above steps, then you should be confident that the content you are putting out there is good.

I wrote up a bit more here if interested.

What's stopping you from creating more content (if anything)?

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