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How do you validate your ideas?

QApop update by Avatar Ivan Homola in Ask HS

Hey, guys! I would love to know how you validated an idea you are working on right now. Please, share the story with others 😉❤️

I'm specifically interested in:

  • What validation techniques did you use?
  • What was your validation process?
  • When did you decide the idea is validated and ready to work on?

For my project, Quora marketing tool, it was:

  • I was talking to potential customers. Offering them a service - questions research on Quora.
  • I put myself in the role of Quora marketing expert. This is a unique niche. Many people don't know about it. So it took me only a few articles to read and do some research, and I was pretty confident. I started offering this marketing service to clients. They were interested. We followed guidelines, and they got results.
  • I decided to work on the project when I saw the numbers we can really get for our clients. I always want to bring some value to customers, and it is obvious they are getting hundreds of visitors monthly.