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How are you managing your work-life balance?

GuineaPig update by Avatar Elias Svensson in Ask HS

For my co-founder and me, it's a continuous struggle even though this is exactly what we're working on with our startup. Here's how I try to stay sane while working:

Morning routine:

  • 10 minutes of mindfulness with Headspace
  • 15 minutes of bodyweight strength training
  • 15 minutes of jumprope (strongly recommend trying CrossRope, they're very expensive but it's like a whole new type of workout with weighted ropes)

Evening routine:

  • Make sure to take 10,000 steps every day. This usually means going out for an evening walk to complete the goal which is also a great way to clear my head after a long day.


  • Cardio is great for general well-being. I've ignored it for many years while focusing on strength, but it actually makes a huge difference.
  • Doing something every day is easier than only some days. I've set up a workout routine which looks the same every day, but I do different exercises on different days.
  • Mindfulness probably gives the highest output per minute and effort of input of anything I do, since I just need to sit down and do it for a few minutes. Guided meditation like Headspace makes it even easier to get done.