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11 months ago

HoneyCoin won! Thank you + Update 👇🏽

HoneyCoin update by Avatar David Nandwa in General

Woke up today to a HackerStash tweet letting me know that HoneyCoin won last week! 🥰 Monday's haven't been this good in a while haha. And it's really down to all of you here, thank you for supporting the project through your upvotes last week. The real win is being a part of what is quickly becoming an amazing, active community of like-minded and ambitious makers and developers all over the world. Winning once in a while is simply a plus, and far from the main focus!

Another great thing that happened as a result of the HS tweet (I think) : daily revenue went up 25% and I can now say the platform is an entity of it's own! Users are now topping up and sending money across the continent without my help or knowledge 😲 I set up a preflight to let me know when user's receive money and it's only been a few hours and the platform's processed 3 cross-border transfers 😁

Week's off to a great start and here's what I'm going to use the stash for:

  • I'll be able to pay for the CI/CD pipeline for the next billing cycle, this let's me route the amount planned for that cost into the referral program which will, hopefully, help the platform acquire more users.

Thanks again and I can't wait to see all of the cool things happening across the community this week!