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10 months ago

HeroStream Update - Week 2 Nov 2020

HeroStream update by Avatar Holger No in Product Update

What happened last week

💸🤩 a team ghosted me for 5 weeks. they came back and will pay in December

🎉Potential prospect with large following answered to cold email

🚀 new dashboard and 'Subscribe to Twitch user' feature is launched

💰applied to 3 accelerators (EF, FoundersFoundation, FoundersInstitute)

Plan for next week

🎯Reach out to pending users in free trial for next steps / move to a paid plan

📊Qualify prospects and write emails (~100) from 4k scraped LinkedIn leads

😴Attend two-day conference to learn how to create business entity,taxes,etc

🤖Improve Fortnite AI & frontend fixes

My question to you

Recently I'm often distracted by browsing twitter. I started using a Pomodoro timer and brain.fm - Any tips to stay on track during the day to achieve daily and weekly goals?