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11 months ago

⭐️ HackerStash News

HackerStash update by Avatar Chris Pattison in Product Update

Hey Everyone!

A few announcements from us:

Firstly, I've removed my charity (Target 2030) account now and will only be participating as HackerStash admin. The HackerStash team can post and comment but not receive votes and we don't participate in our own tournament. We make change it so you can vote for our content but we don't rank perhaps, we'll see.

Secondly, we now have HackerStash Reviews that you can see in the navigation. These are video calls where HackerStash community members review each others apps! First videos are with me with @mattcrail of Taskable and me with Sherif @funnelll 😊.

Any community member could arrange a call with another and we'd love to list the videos on the reviews page. If you're a paying community member, you can also schedule a 15 minute (minimum) call with the HackerStash team directly using the button on the reviews page (once every 6 months).