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11 months ago

HackerStash IS ALIVE

HackerStash update by Avatar Harry King in General

Hello Hackers and welcome aboard!

I'm mixing analogies like anything because we've had a incredible first day yesterday. It's amazing for us to see HackerStash come to life and everyone get stuck in helping one another.

We’ve been working flat out to turn around the feature requests you’re dropping (e.g. in @weaver 's very helpful post, thanks dude!). So far we’ve shipped:

  • Edits to comments from @dave
  • Improved notification management from @weaver:
  • Red notification count only applies to unread notifications
  • Clicking on a notification now moves it to read
  • You can bulk mark as read, and bulk delete
  • Adding a confirmation modal when you delete a post, from @bensommer
  • Comments jumping around after posting them, updating post and comment link styles to be clearer, from @chris
  • You can now drag and drop images into posts rather than having to manually click the button, thanks again @weaver

We’ve also taken note of all the other great ideas and requests you’ve been sharing - it’s super cool to have you all actively helping us improve the platform, thanks so much!

We actually hadn’t anticipated the volume of great ideas from the first public cohort of users and we’re going to set up a proper feedback system asap so that you don’t have to share with us via email, HackerStash comment thread, twitter etc, although you're more than welcome to do so!

For now keep ‘em coming - either on sam’s post mentioned above, or by emailing us directly using hello@hackerstash.com.


Harry, Chris and Lewis

Shout out to @lemonjs for pumping these out in record time