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10 months ago

HackerStash 2.0 is now live! 🎉

HackerStash update by Avatar Chris Pattison in News

As mentioned, we've changed the length of the tournament from weekly to monthly, whilst also changing the prizes themselves. This is experimental, and the prizes will continue to grow in size as the weeks and months pass. Likewise, HackerStash is now 100% free for all users 😍 Things will feel familiar, though there are still some other big changes in the works to improve goal setting and accountability. In the post below I've highlighted a few other changes you may not notice at first.

Simplified Navigation & Improved Project Pages

We've removed a bunch of infrequently used links from the HackerStash navigation to make things simpler for everyone. Alongside that, we really want to turn your project pages into the front page for your startup, not like your website, but a place that provides a neat snapshot of what you're working on, who's in your team, what you're talking about etc. Here's a little screenshot to illustrate the new layout:

Thanks to @kyler, @ctw, and @brugeman for the great ideas. There's still plenty we haven't manage to include yet, but we hope you like the changes so far!

If anybody has any more requests please let us know in the comments - pitch decks, video embeds maybe?

Leaderboard & Win History

The leaderboard has been restyled and also now includes a little widget (this also follows your profile name around the site) to show off how well you've performed in past tournaments. We've got to make a few improvements this coming week to make the layout work, but it should be a helpful marker to have around the site.


Too often overlooked, HackerStash is now faster than ever! We've primarily achieved this by stripping out some pages and areas of functionality that were causing unnecessary friction.


That's all the news for now, we'll be back with some other big changes soon but please keep the feedback coming 🙌. In the mean time, please spread the word and invite and friends or contacts to join the community 🥰