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Guide to a perfect landing page

QApop update by Avatar Ivan Homola in Design

Hi guys, I noticed one of the most popular topics among founders is creating a landing page.

If you’re building a new landing page for a project or you want to optimize the current one, I have a few ideas for you.

Every good landing page should have set the main goal for conversions. It depends on you what conversion means for you. Whether it will be gathering email addresses or sign-ups or buying your product, you should set the one main goal.

Ideal structure of landing page 👇


In the first part of the website (the visible part without scrolling), you need to present a reason why a visitor should care and scroll below. This part of the website is called “matching”. You need to match your target audience with the right words, so they will start scrolling the page.

💡 Pro tip: Don’t overthink your headline. Make it clear and as simple as possible.


The rest of the website is about convincing your visitor. Why should he use or buy your product? What benefits it has for him? 💡 Pro tip #1: Present how it works in 3 steps. it’s a magic number. (e.g. 1. upload a file, 2. optimize the file, 3. download updated file)

💡 Pro tip #2: Combine the product features with benefits that have for your users. For example, you can say “Save your time (with this feature)” or “Increase conversions (using this feature)”.

💡 Pro tip #3: If you use only one or two logos of known companies, other logos will look important as well.


Define one action you want from your visitor to do. Buy, subscribe, sign up, etc. Don’t combine multiple calls to action. Focus on one.

💡 Pro tip: Add a number. Show how big your community of users is. The visitor will want to join and be a part of it.

P.S. if you read until here and still want to learn more, check my blog post.


Please, share your advice in the comments 🙂 I would be happy to learn from you as well.