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First look at Hisho

Hisho update by Avatar Sam Weaver in Product Update

Hi everyone! My name's Sam Weaver, and I'm working on Hisho. I didn't make as much progress as I planned last weekend, but I wanted to start sharing info about what we've built so far, I can start getting feedback!

Hisho is a new type of to-do list application designed to help you "stay in control" of your work.

Quick Tour

You log into Hisho with your phone number:

After logging in, you'll see our two-paned layout, with your tasks on the left, and some content on the right. This right panel changes based on what's currently going on.

To make adding to-do items as frictionless as possible, you can send them in via SMS throughout the day, and they'll pop up on right panel to be classified.

First, we'll ask if you're planning on doing the task this week. Hisho has a rough concept of "sprints", where you commit to a certain amount of work each week. If you select "After Sunday", you won't see that task again until you start planning your work for next week. This keeps you focused on just this week's work.

Once you've put an item in this week's "sprint", Hisho will ask you a few questions about that item. The question you see here is an example.

Some questions we're planning on asking include:

  • How much work will this be?
  • How much do you want do to this task?
  • How does this task make you feel?
  • Which of these two tasks is larger?

After you answer these questions, each of your items is given a "point" value.

Finally, as you complete tasks, your progress is graphed throughout the week. I don't have an image of this graph, but here are the major components.

  • The total amount of "points" you have to complete by the end of the week is the sum of the points for each item.
  • Each day, you should complete a certain number of these points (bringing you closer to getting all your work done by the end of the week)
  • Your progress is graphed against this expected rate of progress. If you're "ahead" of the guideline, you're ahead of schedule, but if you're "behind" the guideline, you're behind.
  • If you're behind, Hisho will gently encourage you to adjust your workload and let go of some of your obligations, potentially shifting work to next week.

Here's an image from the prototype system that I'm using (pretty sloppy, please forgive the mess)


Curious to hear about a few things:

  • Does this system "make sense" to you? Are there any parts that seem confusing or unnecessary?
  • Are you "excited" by Hisho? What's your emotional reaction? (Be brutally honest. I can take it.)
  • Any feedback you have is appreciated!