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10 months ago

Do's and Don'ts of community marketing

Taskable update by Avatar Matthew Johnson in Growth

Lots of our early adopters have come from bering part of communities like HackerStash, Indie Hackers, and Product Hunt. The great thing about communities is you can learn, share, and grow your audience at the same time. However, I've noticed lots of people who go about it all wrong, and hard sell before building credibility in the communities they join.

So, I wrote up some of my do's and don'ts on how to approach communities as a source of early user acquisition.


  • Be a good community member first - your primary reason for being there should be to provide value and insights to your fellow community members. If you are only there to sell or acquire users, that will show and people will ultimately ignore you.
  • Synthesize and share info right in the community - nothing worse than asking a question and having someone say 'i blogged on this, here's a link'. Answer the question in your comments, and then if the community allows like back to a blog you've done for more info.
  • Contribute first - your first post in a new forum shouldn't be self-promotion. Invest the time and it will pay off down the line,.


  • Hard sell - be there to contribute, and if you build credibility and social capital people will ultimately find what you're working on
  • Post the same thing on the same day across communities - there will probably be lots of overlaps across the places you post and people get annoyed when they see you posting the same exact thing in all those channels.
  • Spam DMS - srsly why?

I include a bit more info here if interested.

Would love to hear what everyone else thinks?