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DeFiNet Introduction

DeFiNet update by Avatar Leo Guinan in News

DeFiNet is Banking for Creators, by Creators. We are focusing on building services for creators that foster collaboration throughout the creative process. To begin with, we are building out mechanisms for splitting income streams. With the ability to split income streams easily, we can foster creative collaborations.

To begin with, we are offering ownership in a couple of Medium articles through various mechanisms. Those can be seen here:



We are also working on a course for neurodivergent individuals who are interested in being entrepreneurs. The goal is to provide students with the skills and resources necessary to be successful in the endeavors they want to pursue. The initial test group that will help build the course will receive 20% of the profits from the course due to their initial participation/fee.

We are also looking to build out partnerships with creators who want to help build a more collaborative future and bring the creator economy to everyone.

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