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11 months ago

πŸ‘€ Changes to the HackerStash tournament

HackerStash update by Avatar Chris Pattison in News

Hey Everyone!

Over the next 1-2 weeks we're making several changes to the prizes and structure of the tournament. There's been a lot of feedback from the community saying that the cash-prizes are somewhat secondary and that you get more value out of other elements of community participation (e.g. feedback from one another, UX reviews etc).

We still plan to make the leaderboard and prizes a core part of the community as it's fostered an incredible amount of engagement even with a small cohort of users. That said, the prizes will change, and we're also looking at ways of lowering the barrier to entry subscription-fee wise, that's still in the works but we'll keep you posted soon. When the fees go down naturally anyone already subscribed will have their plans adjusted automatically and won't be kept on their old plan πŸ™‚.

For the next week or so you'll notice the prize pool is a little smaller. We're confident you'll love the new changes coming up, and we'll share more news later this week!

Have any amazing week everyone, make sure you publish a post and let the community know what your biggest challenge is for the week ahead πŸ˜‡

Chris, Harry & Lewis

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