• Fixed an issue that caused 'None' to appear in long pagination
  • Updated the post row styles to remove some weird spacing
  • Updated the editor syles to fit with the dark theme


  • Removed confetti in favour of toast notifications
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't comment on post containing code
  • Updated the editor to initialise with eventListeners instead of onload


  • Added code highlighting for posts


  • Added the new groups page
  • Added the ability to become a member of groups


  • Updated the list of 'Platforms and Devices' as they were unclear
  • Updated the help text for usernames as it was unclear
  • Added a prompt on the project edit page when a user changes tabs without saving their changes


  • Fixed an issue where dropping an image would leave a weird border
  • Fixed an issue where a user had a huge description for their project
  • Updated color scheme to be darker


  • Added a new design for the project pages
  • Added the option to set a team size
  • Added the option to show a badge looking for cofounders
  • Added a custom CTA button for projects


  • Move the leaderboard to a Redis ZSET


  • Update to Python 3.9


  • Fixed an issue where a user could receive multiple mentions per post/comment
  • Added the new onboarding UI


  • Removed Stripe and Stash related code


  • Fixed an issue where the location typeahead could not be closed
  • Fixed an issue where the comment count would not update after creating a new comment
  • Added a prompt when trying to perform certain actions with an unpublished project


  • Fixed an issue where "time commitment" could not set
  • Added a form so users can request new groups
  • Added a page to showcase reviews
  • Added polls


  • Fixed an issue where images were uploaded mulitple times
  • Updated alt tags and favicons


  • Fixed an issue where subscriptions weren't cancelled when accounts are closed
  • Added support for viewing users by their username, not just the id


  • Fixed an issue where project popups could have formatted text
  • Added a Product Hunt button to the home page
  • Updated project popups to truncate the text if it's too long


  • Fixed an issue where notifications would be out of sync if a posts title changed
  • Fixed an issue where a random dot would appear when there were no comments


  • Fixed some issues with the formatting of post bodys
  • Fixed an issue where the comments would be misaligned until the page was refreshed
  • Fixed a typo in the comment reply button
  • Added new notification UI
  • Added a modal confirmation when deleting a post
  • Added support for drag and drop images to posts
  • Updated the sidebar prize pool cache time


  • Fixed a typo in the teams invite page
  • Added the ability to edit/delete comments
  • Updated notifications so they mark as read when clicked


  • Fixed an issue with comment links being the wrong style


  • Added a form so users can request to cash out their Stash
  • Added emails for subscription lifecycle
  • Updated the Terms and Privacy pages


  • Added a prompt when trying to perform certain actions when logged out