Community-led micro finance for hackers and entrepreneurs.

“ Finding ways to fund my projects sucks ”

- Every innovator, ever.

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What is HackerStash

HackerStash is a weekly tournament designed to help you support digital projects and services you love, and keep your own project moving forward too.

You’ll share updates on your project and vote on competing projects, with the top contributors winning cash prizes each week to help fund their project.

A HackerStash subscription will cost $9 per month, and the prize pool gets larger as more projects take part.

Join the 319 people who are already waiting to start!

Why you should join

Support great ideas

If you love an idea, product or team, vote for their project! If they win the cash prizes will help drive their business forward.

Fund your project

Every month the top 10% of projects win cash prizes to help fund their projects. The higher you rank, the larger the prize.

Validate your ideas

When other people vote for your project to win cash rewards it’s incredibly validating, helping to prove the value of your ideas.

Achieve more

HackerStash will improve your focus and increase productivity, by keeping you accountable to a wider audience.

Transparent rules

The rules are crystal clear upfront, and we’ll be providing open access to the source code powering that tournament.

You choose who wins

Your votes, and those of other community members, determine the winners - no invisible hand tipping the scales.

Monthly prizes

Each month the tournament restarts and scores are reset, so nobody gains an advantage from being a member for longer.

Connect with others

The HackerStash community offers a great opportunity to grow your network and exchange advice with likeminded peers.