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What is HackerStash?

HackerStash is private community with a weekly tournament designed to help you drive your project forward whilst supporting projects and services you love.

You’ll share updates and news about your project and vote on competing projects, with the top competitors winning cash prizes each week to help drive their projects forward.

A HackerStash subscription costs $9 per month, and the prize pool gets larger as more projects take part.

Use coupon code NEWHACKER102 and get 2 months access for $10!

Why you should join

Image of an iPhone showing the HackerStash leaderboard

The HackerStash Tournament

Publish your project

To join the tournmanet simply complete your project description, invite your team members and publish your project ($9 per month)

Share your progress

Shares regular updates on how your project is going, what you’re learning, big wins/losses, ask the community when you’re looking advice or support.

Vote and complete challenges

Each post, comment or project can earn points directly from other users and you can also complete weekly challenges that boost your score.

Win prizes

The more points your project earns, the higher you are ranked on the leaderboard. Each week the tournament closes at midnight GMT on a Sunday, after which point the winners are announced.

Why We Started HackerStash

Too many great business ideas fail before they’ve even managed to find their feet and we think HackerStash can leverage the transformational value of community particpation to change that.

Harry King explains why in this video, or you can read our blog article on the topic here.